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Join me in my efforts to support the Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation!

Why do I ride?
It is one of those things in life that you think you are doing for yourself...I like riding my bike, the training, the preparation, the friendships ...but as I crossed the finish line last year I really understood why I had ridden. And I wept...

...I wept when I saw the sick children and their families waiting for us to cross the line. They were cheering and clapping and waving signs thanking us. We rode past them in a quiet, reflective line and it was very emotional. And that is when it kind of hit me... 900 kms and it all came down to this! It was for them...

One family in particular stood out that day. It was a family with two kids fighting cancer who had spoken to our group during the ride. We were quite excited about our accomplishment that day, but we quickly sobered up after the kids shared the story of their battle, which was much harder than ours that day.

One of the most striking memories of that evening was the presentation of a wee pottery bead for every moment in their journey, a special bead for every needle, blood transfusion, CAT scan, and bone marrow treatment they endure, one for every birthday they celebrate, and then one for every special event they attend. The 11 year old had a string of beads 14 feet long! And her brother, who was just beginning his battle, had a string of 3 feet. Their resilience was inspiring.

There were lots of public and private moments along the eight days, that when I string them together they have somehow become my own journey. I will cherish all that I learned about myself on that ride and the strength of my friends and the community as we came together to help some of our most vulnerable people. In some way I can support families visiting the Stollery, in moments of their greatest need, I guess that is why I will ride again...
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