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Join me in my efforts to support the Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation!

Why do this ride?

I am an entrepreneur, business owner, very proud father and loving husband. In my life I have achieved many things both personally and professionally. In all honesty I am not sure I can do the 1760KM distance from Haida Gwai to Edmonton.

This is my second season of cycling and it has been a real high point for me in my physical pursuits. Last year I completed the Whistler Granfondo, which is 122KM. I hit the finish line and waves of emotions overcame me. I had pushed myself physically, mentally and emotionally. The Haida Gwai Totem Tour requires an average distance of 126KM for 14 out of 16 days. Wow!

I turn 40 this year and although that may not seem old to some it is a milestone for me. I want to prove to myself that I still have it. There is also something inside me that wants to show my wife and daughter that you can continue to achieve great things throughout your life. The journey never ends.

Those are the personal reasons, but this ride means so much more. It supports the Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation and gives back to a community that has helped me become who I am. I have a real soft spot for children and have always been passionate about supporting charities that give kids a better chance. They are our future and the thing that binds communities. I donít know what it is like to have a sick child, but when I visualize my daughter being sick I get a lump in my throat and the emotions start to build.

The Stollery has done countless great things for the children of Alberta and I am fully in support of that. To help a sick child in need and support their family is a noble cause. I have pledged to raise personally $12,00 for this and would appreciate your support.

This is a ride of a lifetime for me and I appreciate and thank all those that will support me through this journey.
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