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Join me in my efforts to support the Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation!

I am not a racy, speed cyclist. I am mostly just a fan of riding. I have spent many happy days cycling over the paved, back roads around Edmonton as well as the many river valley pathways. For many years a friend and I would annually cycle the back roads of BC and we cycled many secondary highways in Spain and Portugal. I do enjoy cycling and all things out doors.
When I heard about this ride I enthusiastically entered my name as an opportunity to raise funds for such a worthwhile cause and to do an expedition ride. Our family is extremely thankful for the wonderful care provided by the Stollery Children’s Hospital.
I would like to dedicate my ride to the children of my niece. Her children have several long term health related issues.
Here is a list of their medical problems.

Deegan:(10 yrs old)
Epilepsy, scoliosis, microcephaly (small head), cortical visual impairment along with optic nerve hypoplasia (he is almost 100% blind), global developmental delay and he also has to wear orthotics in his shoes to correct his feet.
Surgeries: tubes put in his ears, adenoids removed and heel cord lengthening (which put him in casts for 8 wks).
He has had many, many MRI's and EEG's.
Departments he uses at the Stollery include: Neurology, Neuro-Ophthalmology, Genetics, ENT and Dental.
He attends the Scolosis Clinic at the Glenrose for therapy and to have his back brace re-fitted regularly.

Skylar: (7 yrs old)
Epilepsy, microcephaly, cortical visual impairment (she has minimal vision), VSD (hole in her heart), OCD, ticks, very mild scoliosis, corpus collosum hypoplasia and a cognitive delay. She also has such an extreme level of pain tolerance we don't think she even feels pain (scary!).
She too has had many EEG's and a couple of MRI's.
The departments she uses are neurology, neuro-ophthalmology, cardiology, genetics and dental.

I ask you to please support me in my ride and show your support for this wonderful facility which provides so much to Deegan and Skylar

Thank you
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